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They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true when you've read all the hype about working from home. Here, a mom tells it like it is.--Glenn Beach, Editor

Seven Home Business Myths You Might Want To Know
Before You Get Started

by LaDonna Vick

I began my home business dreams seven years ago while pregnant with my first daughter. I was inspired by the thought of not having to get up early nor spending nine or ten hours in an office only to rush out the door to pick up my children from daycare in order to be home in time to fix dinner.

Well, here I am running my own business from home, and I値l tell you it is much different than I dreamed. Here are seven myths about working at home you might want to know about and a few tips on how to avoid these pitfalls.

Myth 1: More Free Time

Fact: Running, marketing and operating your business will take up any free time you thought you would have. You値l also tend to work longer hours than on your nine-to-five job. As always, I suggest using a planner to help in this area. It will make a huge difference in whether you have a productive or wasted business day.

Myth 2: No More Boss

Fact: Your customers are your new bosses, and there are several of them. If your customers are not satisfied with your work, you won稚 have a business to operate. Have a good plan for customer service and feedback. Ensure your product or service is worthy of a repeat purchase.

Myth 3 You値l Be Happier Working At Home

Fact: Be prepared for solitude and little interaction from your peers. This may be fine for those who prefer solace, but it can be a rude awakening for some who prefer interacting regularly with their fellow workers. I would suggest joining your local chamber of commerce, a home business organization or an association related to your product or service. This will give you an occasional meeting with some of your peers.

Myth 4: You値l Make More Money Working For Yourself

Fact: As with any new business venture, it takes at least three to five years for your business to start making a profit. Be prepared, as with any small or large business, for the income stream to be slow in the beginning. You might want to start out part-time and then quit your full-time job when you are earning enough in your business to sustain your current living standard. Have a business plan that details where the initial start-up and operating costs will come from.

Myth 5: The House Will Be Cleaner

Fact: Often times, it's the house cleaning that goes first when starting a home business. On top of the regular house chores, you now have a home office that must be kept in order. Your home is no longer empty during the day and now has more "wear and tear." Again, using a planner can help with this. You should allot times for the various house cleaning chores just as you would for any work-related business that needs to be accomplished.

Myth 6: You値l Be Able To Sleep In

Fact: In order for your business to succeed, you must work the same hours as your competition and vendors.

Most businesses operate from about 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.. If you have children, you値l be up anyway helping them get ready for school. If sleeping in is one of your passions, I would suggest starting a home business that does not require dependence upon products or services that can only be provided during normal working hours. Speaking of children, that leads us to

Myth 7: You値l Have More Time With Your Children

Fact: You値l have plenty of time with your children all right. The constant needs of your children at home presents your biggest challenge. If your children are in school during the day, it actually works out. But if you have small children, you池e going to need to be a little creative with your work schedule. My suggestion, include some "play time" with your pre-schooler. This often helps with the "neglected" feeling of your little one while you often spend many hours working at your new home business venture.

Owning a home business can be a challenge for even the most innovative entrepreneur. Being aware of exactly what you are getting into can make the journey a little smoother. Know that with anything worthwhile it's going to take a lot of hard work and patience on your part.
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LaDonna Vick, founder of Mommy痴@Work, "Your Home Business Resource Place," a mail order company specializing in home business resources, is the author of three home business booklets.

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Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada