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Google values link popularity in it's ranking system; here's how to make the most out of your link exchange program.--Glenn Beach, Editor

Link Popularity And Google

by Vishal Sampat

Link popularity has become a buzzword in the SEO industry lately. Everyone is desperate to exchange links and increase their link popularity especially after Google announced it was one of the single most important factor that affected rankings.

So does it work? I decided to try it out a few months back, and I must say... it did wonders. This site was an e-commerce site and hence had hardly any spider friendly static pages with lots of spiderfood and text. I was given some space to add optimized text to but thatís about it. This is what I did - created around 10 static pages and a links page.

After optimization and an initial round of submissions to the directories and search engines, I surfed around looking for suitable link partners. My criteria : Their links page should be indexed by Google and their website should have a decent pagerank.

I got around 50 links and then I waited... I needed Google to pick up these links. And luckily it did. Next months refresh I had them incoming and I had the site in the top 10 for all but one of the 12 keywords I was aiming for, the 12th keyword was #11 on Google. So 2 months after the site was first added to Google, 1 month after optimization and link exchange, the site was right up there.

So what are the steps you need to follow to get most out of your link exchange programs? Look for the site with a good pagerank. Make sure their links page is indexed by Google. Use text links and no banners. Make sure your link text consists of your keyword. Optimize your website. Link popularity without optimization does not make sense. Be patient - Link popularity sometimes takes more than 1 refresh to show results.

Vishal Sampat is a professional Search engine consultant and CEO of Convonix Inc. - The search engine optimization firm. Vishal has been webmaster for, a teens portal which has been featured in several magazines and newspapers.


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Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada