Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada

Once again, a mom teaches us about respect and paying attention, this time in the context of taking women seriously in the online business world.--Glenn Beach, Editor

Marketing to Moms

Stay at Home Moms, a Gold Mine in Recruitment Leads?
(Maybe….if done right!)

by Kelly Land/MoneyMakingMommy

I’m a mom. I’m a stay at home mom. What am I bombarded with daily in my e-mailbox? Ad blasting, get rich quick junk. A large majority of “home business owners and mlm peddlers”must think we stay at home moms are idiots. Do they honestly think we believe we can make $1,000’s of dollars in 48 hours by mailing circulars, answering emails or placing ads? Come on……

If you are trying to market to this elusive group of highly intelligent, nurturing and decision making people, then you better listen up! The delete button is oh so handy, and most moms use it. If you want our attention, then maybe you should treat us like we have a brain! We KNOW about scams, we KNOW the tale tell signs of a scam. Are you promoting your business in the same manner scam artists do? Welp…you could be ticking off a lot of potential recruits/leads.

Use the following checklist to analyze your current web-based promotion campaign.

  • Do you use all CAPS?
    -Oh Brother! This is the FIRST thing that sends moms into a delete frenzy. It’s obnoxious, annoying and hard to read. STOP IT!
  • Do you charge a fee?
    - Can you say…..”STAY AT HOME MOM”?? We don’t bring in an extra income. We take care of our children. We do not have $13.50 to send along with a self addressed stamped envelope, you cheap-o! If you have a REAL opportunity, then you should be willing to share it for free.
  • Do you use exclamation marks all over the place?!!!!!!!!!!
    - We deal with screaming kids all day….we do not need YOU screaming your opportunity in our faces when we finally find 5 minutes to sit at our computers. How rude.
  • Is your ad/email more than 4-5 sentences?
    -Forget it. We barely have time in the day to go to the bathroom. Let alone read your dissertation on how to become a millionaire by assembling hair ribbons!
  • Are you vague and impersonal? we can’t tell you cranked up the ‘ole ad blaster software this morning and spewed your email to us and 5 million other victims. You want MY attention? Then address me as an individual. Ad blasting does NOT work. You are mainly blasting to other ad blasters who simply delete your ad as you do theirs. How insane and worthless. Get a hobby, you must have too much time on your hands.
  • Do you ad blast our boards?
    -That’s like walking into my house and going to the bathroom on my carpet. This is sacred ground. You will be ignored, laughed at, and eventually unable to participate at all.

Ok…so you ‘re asking yourself…..”Well heck… moms are a tough crowd!” Yep...we are….and we deserve some respect. There are over 10,000 class act mom-sites on the internet. If you want to reach us, then advertise in our ezines or on our sites. Want more bang for your marketing buck? Then go to the bigger mom sites with large subscriber numbers and heavy traffic.

Which sites?

-This site has been around since 1999. One of the most respected resources for women looking for work at home. A no scam policy has been implemented from day one. High subscriber numbers, and subscribers are loyal. Traffic averages over 2, 250,000 hits per month. Ad rates are some of the lowest among similar type sites.

Also a respected place for work at home moms and wannabes. The site offers many advertising options, as well as ad space auctions. Well known and heavy traffic.

Kelly Land is a work at home writer and web developer. The mother of 2 children. And the owner-publisher of and "Your Work at Home Jobs Are Here!" ezine. (c), 2002. Permission is granted to reproduce this article in your print or electronic publications, providing you use the article in its entirety, including the bi-line at the bottom, and all the links and references within. NOTHING may be altered or added.

Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada