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According to Willy Crawford. seminars are the place to begin planning the joint venture that will see your home business through the usual winter down-time.--Glenn Beach, Editor

Savvy Internet Marketers' BIG Seminar Secrets

by Willie Crawford

You know that your business will probably grow slower than molasses in the Winter unless you joint venture and partner with other online marketers. If you're just launching your own product or service, you really need access to their lists. You need access to their contacts.

You also know... intuitively, that people like partnering with their friends. They like partnering with people whom they actually know and trust. Consequently, you know that you need to break into some of your desired partners' inner circles. You need to actually get to meet these people so that they do know and trust you.

Knowing the above facts leads you to the logical conclusion that you need to attend a few seminars and conferences so that you can meet like-minded individuals. You need to attend events like Michael Penland's Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Super Conference. This is the conference being held in Orlando, Florida, December 3rd - 5th. Read about it here:

If that event isn't appropriate for you, you can locate lots of other events (many close to where you live) at:

So, you concede that you need to get out and meet some potential JV partners. "BUT" - and there's that word. It's just too expensive. There's not only the costs of attending the event itself, but there's also travel, lodging, and meals. "These expenses can really add up," you whine :-)

"Not really!" the savvy internet marketer counters. If you're smart you can probably get into major hotels at many seminar locations for a mere fraction of the going rate. You can also get rental cars or airfare at bargain prices.

"Tell me more," you say!

Several years ago, I listened to an audio tape of Wade Cook speaking at a seminar. He explained that his travel and lodging was practically free. He stayed at only 4-star hotels and traveled the world... dirt cheap. Wade's secret... he was registered as a travel agent.

It's a little know fact that cruise lines, hotels, resorts, condo operators, car rental companies, and those offering all kinds of travel packages, often offer deep discounts to travel agents. They let travel agents take advantage of what are called "fam trips" or "fam rates." "Fam" is short for familiarization. These companies offer these incredible deep discounts to travel agents because they want the travel agents to be able to make a heart-felt recommendation for their resort, cruise, or luxury travel package to their clients.

The simple economics behind giving these fam rates to travel professionals is that they are offering rooms or other accommodations that would otherwise go unused. If you have spare cabins on a cruise ship, or extra rooms in a luxury resort, why not at least make a few dollars while building a relationship with someone who can help grow your business?

Ok, I've let that secret out. I am a "card carrying" referring travel agent. That means I can often get such deep discounts that it costs me practically NOTHING to attend conferences and seminar in major cities. There's a "little" more to it than that. Some of the places, for example, may want you to attend an orientation or tour... but others don't.

This little discussed secret is so amazing that I can fly from Florida to places like Ireland, Hawaii, or Mexico and spend a week in a luxury resort for only hundreds of dollars. Check it out at:

"Ok, so I can get my accommodations cheap, but it still costs a lot to get IN to these events."

Not really. If at one of these events you form just one joint venture with someone with say... a list of 100,000... who agrees to send out an endorsed mailing for you, you could make back twenty times your investment. Remember, your purpose in attending these events (aside from learning from the speakers) is so that you can locate appropriate business partners and get your business growth un-stuck!

Take a look at Michael Penland's Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Super Conference again, and you'll see why seasoned Internet marketers like me will be sitting in the audience. It's how we grow our businesses. We negotiate deals: in the hallway, at dinner, and after hours. We don't consider it an expense. It's a tiny, very wise investment.

Now you know several Savvy Internet Marketers' BIG Seminar Secrets. Your competitors are acting upon that knowledge right now. Are you?


Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author, seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host, retired military officer, karate black belt, network marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He shows people how to actually generate substantial income on-line using very simple systems. An example of such a system can be studied and duplicated at:

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Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada