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Once you understand the three personality types who will view your website, you can tailor your text and advertising to give them each what they need.--Glenn Beach, Editor

The Three Markets of the Internet -- Do You Reach Them All?

by Joe Bingham

Did you know there are three completely different markets on the Internet? There are three sets of people, three ways of viewing advertising, three ways to look at everything. Now ask yourself, do you market to them all?

For illustrative purposes, I have written two different ads for a make believe program. Reading these two ads will demonstrate my point. Yes, I only need two ads to illustrate three markets. Yes, I am that good. You'll see.

AD # 1

FIRE YOUR BOSS!!! Six Figure Income is yours to attain! The Internet Makes MILLIONAIRES!! Be ONE!!! Incredible Wealth Building System. FREE Newsletter to get you started!!

AD # 2

Feel the POWER of Duplication. Why not Market a program that builds INCOME while Marketing YOUR Main Business? -- Free Newsletter with tips from those who have made it -- -- 30 day Training Guide gives you Improved Marketing Skills -- -- Lead Generator for your business, and an Auto Responder --

First, a couple of questions. Did you actually read the ads? Or did you go into 'hyper-ad-skim-mode'? It's ok if you did, that just puts you in category # 3.

Now, if you did read the ads, which one did you like? Which one would you be more likely to answer by visiting the web site?

If you chose AD # 1, you are in category # 1. Likewise, if you chose AD # 2, you are in category # 2.

Ok, is everybody ready for me to explain all this?

Good. Here is an explanation of YOU defined by category. Not that all you are is a category or anything, I'm just illustrating a point here. Please don't rush to a psychiatrist to expel feelings of being boxed in by a newsletter article. And you category # 3 individuals, just relax, I'm getting to the point. By the way, I am a category # 2.


Inhabited by Newbies, Dreamers, and Quick Cash Seekers. This is by no means a bad category, none of them are, but it illustrates what appeals to you. AD #1 above appeals to the dream of the Internet. The dream of making serious money and taking charge of your life. It lends itself to the possible truth of making that kind of money and living the way everyone dreams. Then, it leads you to a way to start, the free newsletter.

Newbies, who come online believing everything is cake and ice cream, will answer this ad. So, too, will the Dreamers and Quick Cash Seekers who are drawn by the potential listed. This ad markets to this end. It's what draws those in Category # 1.


People in this category are best defined by the way they look at advertising. They go into it with the attitude of "What's in it for me?" Category # 2 still has dreamers and cash seekers, but they are no longer content to respond to potential. They are looking for tools, and actual benefits from a program. AD # 2 markets to those who want to know what the point is and how they can benefit. You will never get a Category # 2 person with a Category # 1 Ad. They know of the potential, they now want the system to deliver it!


No offense to anyone who put themselves here, but you people are hopeless! You're hopeless in a marketing sense, that is. You don't read ads anymore, you've moved on to perusing. You might snag on a certain term or format that interests you, but you no longer look to regular ads as a place to gain anything.

This category also contains those who just plain have enough going in their business, have set routines for marketing, and just plain don't want involved in anything else. Like I said, from a classified ad marketing stand point, they're hopeless!

So, now that we defined everyone by category, what does it mean? What do we do about it? Do we try to market to everyone, or pick a category and go with the one?

Well, it depends on your business and your resources. That is a question you will have to think through for yourself. Does your business have what it takes to appeal to all three? Is it even possible?

I believe so. For example, the web site for The Program, which I made up as an example in the ads above, starts out with 'Fire Your Boss' and talking about Six Figure Income, but then moves into talk about actual tools of the trade and training on how to do it. Then it offers to market your own business along with their page.

Basically, it moves through all 3 categories.

Category # 1 -- Fire Your Boss Category # 2 -- Tools for You to Use Category # 3 -- Market Your Business Here

You see how it hits all three?

Now if only it were a real site, huh?

You can hit all three markets. List potential for the Newbies, Dreamers, and Cash Seekers. List tools and benefits for those who want to know what's in it for them. List how your business works to enhance your customers' business for those difficult Category # 3 individuals.

Obviously, there is more potential business in categories # 1 and # 2, or is there?

Recruiting a seasoned # 3 individual may be huge depending on how much business that individual brings with him or her.

Think about it.

*Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Marketer Joe has written many articles, both informational and humorous, with the intent of helping others gain a better understanding of Internet marketing concepts. His 'tell it like it is' approach has many offering the NetPlay Marketer as one of their most favorite ezines. See for yourself at:

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Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada