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.--Glenn Beach, Editor

Traffic Exchanges: Ensuring a Good Return on Your Campaign

by Glenn Beach

Most webmasters use traffic exchanges not only to get hits to their websites, but also to make sales. Like you, most people who use these programs are not necessarily interested in buying anything. However, there are ways to use their visits to generate future purchases. By choosing your traffic exchanges wisely, advertising a well-designed webpage, and asking yourself a few questions as you evaluate your exchanges' performances, you can ensure a healthy return on your free traffic.

Here's a few tips on choosing a traffic exchange wisely:

  1. Note and compare the ratio of clicks to hits received.

  2. Make sure there are anti-cheat functions available. If surfers "don't need to be present to click", they will be tempted to use auto surfer programs, and obviously they won't bring quality traffic to your site.

  3. Look for those exchanges that allow you to target your site to visitors with a specific interest. Here are a few good choices:

  4. Most exchanges give you free credits for signing up. Surf anyways. It's important to get a feel for a site, also to notice whether the program will load the same site several times over. This happens occasionally on several sites, but take note if it is excessive.

    What is optimum is an exchange that will deliver your page one time per user per day. You can remedy this problem by setting up your urls in a rotator that will deliver a different website each time.

  5. Notice the balance between the length of the timer and the time it takes pages to load. As you surf you may like sites that only require 10 seconds before you can surf again, but this does not benefit pages that load slowly. So observe not only from the surfer perspective but also from the "surfee" point of view.

  6. Once you have surfed an exchange for a length of time, take note of how many credits you have earned. Log into your account in 24 hours and see how many credits have been used, or not. One exchange may have a lower click to visit ratio but uses only half the credits in a day's time. Another may use the credits as fast as you can generate them.

Now that you've decided on a few traffic exchanges, you need to have a well-designed webpage to post. A well-designed ‘teaser’ or 'splash' page will create interest in your product without pushing visitors to purchase anything. It should rely heavily on graphics that get attention and don't require the visitor to scroll down. There should be only a few pieces of information that either capture the visitor's email address or make it irresistable to click to another page, possibly your main website where you can either capture the email address or make a sale.

Most traffic exchanges encourage you to build a downline, either to earn a % of all the traffic they in turn generate, earn a % of the money paid for Pro memberships, or both. By using a couple techniques, you can build a downline quickly.

Let's say you've signed up for 10 traffic exchanges. Copy/paste your referral links to the 10 programs onto a blank page. Do the same with your surfing links, (sometimes known as startpage links), and make sure you DON`T confuse the two.

You need to connect each traffic exchange to the next, in essence creating a circle. When you sign up for program #1, copy/paste the referral link of program #2 when asked what url you intend to promote. Program #2 gets the referral url of program #3, and so on, until you've completed the circle by putting the referral link of program #1 into program #10.

Click away at all 10 of them vigorously, at least one hour per day, for maybe a month. This should start building your downlines in the various exchanges. If it doesn`t work at first, keep trying until it does. The key here is to never give up.

Once you have a good enough downline (and only you can decide what 'good enough' is), and your downlines are creating traffic for you, log back into the programs, change the website link or add additional links to whichever online income program or programs it is you REALLY want to promote. At this point, you can upgrade your memberships in some traffic exchanges. Your criteria will include those that offer the best bonuses to Pro members, and those in which you have the largest downline.

Once you achieve 500 pageviews per day thanks to your downlines (which times ten exchanges equals 5000 pageviews a day), you won't need to click much yourself any more. With a solid advertising campaign in place, you now can focus on promoting those programs that will bring you residual and leveraged income well into your retirement years.


Glenn Beach is a poet, writer and home business entrepreneur in Nova Scotia, Canada. Did you know that there's a way to promote all your online income programs, all your traffic exchanges at once? Build all your downlines by promoting one url at: Profit Rally

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Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada