Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada

If you've ever been tempted to try yet another affiliate opportunity, then you understand that there's a little bit of Wanda in each of us.--Glenn Beach, Editor

Travels Of Wanda The Wandering Affiliate

by LuAnn Elliott

Wanda was a simple girl, with a simple plan --- or so she thought.

She'd heard the dreams, or rather read them, each night as she surfed the 'Net, for at least the last six months. They spoke of an easy lifestyle, making good money, running her own business, and working from home in her underwear.

She wasn't much on the underwear part, her house being a bit drafty, but the rest sounded so nice. So, with a driving determination, Wanda set about starting her own online business.

Affiliate programs were her business of choice. She had nothing of her own to sell anyway, especially after her ex-boyfriend pawned everything before he moved out. So, the idea of making commissions selling other's products seemed perfect.

Almost at once, Wanda found the most intriguing affiliate program at It paid well, there were lots of very useful products, and she figured to make a fortune marketing them.

However, soon her mood changed and she lost much of her original passion about the site. So, she went searching again.

She found there was money to be made referring lonely people to a particular personals site and so joined their affiliate program. She took out some ads, got a few responses, but made little money. In fact, she soon found herself considering an affiliate program with a company that sold home security devices.

By then, however, she'd decided to invest her time in a travel agency affiliate program. Taking her travel coupons and laptop computer on the road with her, she visited many of her old friends from college. She even managed to make a few dollars once Gina discovered that Wanda's old boyfriend had left her and was now single.

Then, Dave, one of her other old friends, suggested she market discount coupons for restaurants as well. Taking him up on his offer, Wanda and Dave tried out a few of the coupons themselves.

With things going so well, with Dave anyway, Wanda turned her affiliate interests toward a furniture company she'd discovered while decorating her new home. Dave was happy with the new furniture as well, but was distraught over the garage being so packed with his old stuff. In fact, he was very distraught over it for some reason.

Wanda thought little of it, though, but decided it was time to give Ebay a try. Eventually, she figured the whole thing out and was able to auction off some of Dave's old stuff. She didn't make much, but figured it was good experience at least.

Things were going great, she thought, until one day she was out in the garage getting some of the items she'd sold ready to ship.

After discovering Dave's meth lab in the back of the garage, Wanda used her last travel discount coupon and headed back to her original home. Finally, getting things settled in once again, Wanda came across a familiar site and immediately found new interest in the first affiliate program she'd joined back at

"Now why didn't I just stick with this one to begin with?" thought Wanda. "I could have been rich by now."

MORAL OF THE STORY: It's great to be passionate about what you are selling, but don't let your passions make all your decisions. It takes time to build a business, especially if you are trying to build a network of others under you, and it can be frustrating. The best bet, though, is to find a few good programs and work them consistently. Over time, you'll see much better results than if you are constantly changing directions and starting over with new programs. Oh yeah, and men are pigs. ;-)

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Work at Home Business Opportunity in Canada